Our Story


Welcome and allow us to introduce ourselves; Gü Dopran (CEO) and Dorothy Dady (COO), we are Signlync. The idea for Signlync was borne out of a necessity (as all the best concepts are). Gü being severly Deaf since the age of three and Dorothy with her background in creative Business had known each other for many years before the lightning bolt struck. 

BSL (British Sign Language) Interpreters cost a fortune and Government budgets are getting harder and harder to justify. Why not create a way to connect interpreters with the people that need them, at the same time saving money for everyone involved in the chain? 

So that’s what we are developing.

As with all journeys they can be long and painful, especially those without private sector funding. We have been down many rabbit holes but always seem to find the right person at our time of need. We have met some wonderful people along our path and as we approach the finish line we would like to say thank you to all those that have helped.

So here is to many more rabbit holes and many more guiding lights… May lightning strike twice and the creativity never falter.