The idea for Signlync was borne out of a necessity (as all the best concepts are). Gü Dopran being severely Deaf since the age of three and having so many barriers in establishing a career path for herself. The deaf community have big problems, being taken seriously by employers and this really held Gü back but also provided the inspiration for Signlync. 

BSL (British Sign Language) Interpreters cost a fortune and Government budgets are getting harder and harder to justify. Why not create a way to connect interpreters with the people that need them, at the same time saving money for everyone involved in the chain? 

Gü is a British entrepreneur who is using the power of technology to establish Signlync, a centralised hub promoting deaf awareness to both individuals and business corporations.

As the founder of Signlync, Gü wants to make a difference to the lives of others, especially the Deaf community. Gü’s aim through Signlync is to make the lives of Deaf people easier through enabling technologies. The fundamental message being that as one society we should be focusing on the abilities, rather than the disabilities, within our communities.

Whilst discussing the challenges Deaf people face every day, Gü’s vision for helping Deaf people with technology.

Some of the main challenges Deaf people face are around daily interactions with the rest of society. For example, the only way a deaf person can book a sign language interpreter is through telephoning one – which often doesn’t work when they can’t hear. Another example, is that an interpreter needs to be booked 6 weeks in advance, making basic things like attending a last minute doctor’s appointment very challenging.

Through Signlync, Gü aims to make some of these archaic processes redundant. Gü, and many others within the deaf community rely on their smartphones and have seen the impact apps can have on their lives.