Access All Areas

What an Event!

Hosted by the funky East London hotel Leman Locke, Access All Areas is open to the public from 9am to 10.30pm daily from 26th September to 30th September to celebrate International Week of the Deaf.

Access All Areas is a photography exhibition highlighting the achievements of the Deaf community despite the many barriers society unwittingly places in their path.

Access to all areas of society should be a basic human right for all citizens. Unfortunately, barriers still exist – mental, physical and particularly institutional barriers. We want to show that being deaf isn’t a disadvantage.

“The Deaf community has too much talent to be ignored any longer”

With this exhibition, Levent and Gü, with the aim to change the narrative around deaf entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners and employees. By choosing to take portraits and sharing the biographies of deaf people who are highly successful in their fields alongside those who are still struggling to overcome barriers into employment we can present a snapshot of life for a deaf person in 2018.

Many employers are not aware of the Access to Work scheme. Access to Work is a Government initiative that supports people with a range of disabilities in the work place. Deaf or hard of hearing employees are entitled to interpreters or other forms of communication support which the employer does not have to pay for.