Deaf Awareness

Barriers abound everywhere! If you are able bodied, hearing and well educated you still have barriers. Everyone has a barrier or ceiling they must break through. As Human Beings, we are upwardly mobile. It is in our genes and how we have prospered. The quest for betterment is eternal. So if you throw into the mix a disability then the barriers come quicker and are harder to break down.

That is why we at Signlync are trying to make the world more aware of the Deaf Community. We have a lot to offer! They say as one sense is weakened so the others pick up the slack. The Deaf Community has a lot of creative energy that absolutely must be expressed. We want to share it with you, so help us.

Inclusion is not a price you have to pay, but a human kindness which will be repaid ten fold. Engage with the next Deaf person you meet and your act of inclusion will be rewarded with a pleasant and surprising interaction, full of humour. You will see pride and we are not sorry for ourselves but trying to forge a path in this hearing world.

“Small steps lead to great strides”